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How to Get to Know Small Business Owners Better through Investment Crowdfunding

owners of Monkey Wrench Brewing Company

As an individual interested in investing in small businesses, perhaps part of your reasoning for investing in them is because you’re passionate about the small businesses on your Main Street. This might mean you wish to know more about the owners behind your favorite small businesses, and what makes them tick. Did you know that investment crowdfunding is a great way of opening up dialogue between you as an investor (and a customer) and entrepreneurs in your area?

Investment Crowdfunding lets you see business owners’ stories while you invest.

When you invest in a crowdfunding campaign, you’re first led to the campaign page of a business that’s raising funds. This is your first glimpse into the business that you might invest in.

Quite often, business owners who run crowdfunding campaigns want to make sure their personality comes across on the campaign page - after all, you’re investing not just in their business but in their dream. So, they often make their appeal through the campaign video and the text of the campaign page.

Investment Crowdfunding lets you interact more deeply with business owners on social media

Investment crowdfunding is inherently pretty heavy on the social media - so if you’re also social media-savvy, it’s a great way to interact with business owners. Some businesses will post multiple times about their crowdfunding campaign - it would definitely be a great help to them if you were so moved to share those posts to your network and spread the word about the campaign!

We’ve also seen entrepreneurs take to social media to pitch their crowdfunding campaigns by going on Instagram or Facebook Live, which offers a real-time opportunity to connect with customers and investors like you!

Honeycomb offers an easy way of asking questions about a business’s crowdfunding campaign

When you look at a business’s crowdfunding campaign, you might have some questions about it. What demand are they seeing? Are there any other liens on the property? Have they already made steps towards the project they’re funding?

On Honeycomb, there’s an easy-to-use function on every campaign page that allows you to directly ask business owners any questions you might have about your potential investment in their campaign. The business owners are notified through their Honeycomb accounts that there’s a question, and they can answer you on their own time. This way, you can clear up any concerns you might have about an investment and invest with confidence!

You can also leave words of encouragement, if you want! Or you can write why you personally invested in the business, to give other investors an opportunity to see investors like them in action. We’re all about building community between investors in the Honeycomb network and the businesses they love to support.

Build that community connection by investing in small businesses

Honeycomb makes it easier for you to connect with small business owners, invest in them, and build up the Main Street you want to see in your community. Find live campaigns funding now to say “yes” to an entrepreneur’s dream!


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