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How to Make a Honeycomb Investment

At Honeycomb Credit, we ensure that your investment makes it to the Main Street of your choice. Much like the Exchange floor nowadays, investments are made electronically with end-to-end security. Prior to, allot 15 minutes and have your banking information at the ready to make an immediate impact on your chosen small business!

1. Create a login

Enter your name, email address, and a unique password.

2. Complete profile

The norm! Enter your name as it appears on your government ID, your current address, date of birth, and your social.

3. How much can I invest?

Enter your income, net worth, and amount you would like to invest in the campaign. Not so certain about your net worth? Most people are in the same boat. Don't wonder, simply calculate here.

4. Select your investment

Determine your investment amount, read the business owner's Form C as well as their educational materials, and checkoff the (7) required areas. Note: Once you've selected an amount, you cannot change it. Keep calm and carry on investing!

5. Bank payment

Enter your financial institution's routing number and your bank account. Give it a good look before hitting submit! Your accuracy at this step ensures that your investment clears an important verification hurdle.

6. Review and sign your documents

This is the last page in the checkout process before you have successfully made an investment! Review and sign the investor agreement between you and your chosen small business!

7. Congratulations!

You have crossed the finish line! You will receive an email confirmation shortly. Depending on when you invest, e.g. Day 1 versus Day 45 of the campaign, you will receive your first notification when the minimum raise threshold is passed. At that time, we will also fill you in on when you can expect your first and subsequent repayments.

8. Investor dashboard

With the login and password you created at the start, you will have access to a personalized dashboard showcasing all of your investments in one centralized location. Year end documents will be located here, as well as your earnings once your investment starts making repayments.

If you run into any hiccups along the way, please reach out to us at info@honeycombcredit.com.

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