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How to Use Small Business Saturday to Set You Up for Growth in 2023

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

interior of Prostainable refill shop, who crowdfunded on Honeycomb

Prostainable raised $70,500 with Honeycomb to expand their zero-waste refill shop!

If you landed on this page, chances are you’re probably trying to figure out how to best set up your business for Small Business Saturday this year. Maybe you’re also wondering what the next few months will look like, as winter sets in and spells uncertainty for small business owners like yourself.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how Small Business Saturday is the perfect time to prepare your business not just for the winter, but for future growth! This is the opportune moment to promote your business, leverage a crowdfunding campaign for your growth, and build anticipation for the next year of success for your business.

Get ready to grow on Main Street’s biggest day: Small Business Saturday

And find out how a Honeycomb Credit crowdfunded small business loan can be the perfect launching pad for your small business’s growth plans.

Ready to launch a Honeycomb campaign? Fill out the form below, and a campaign representative will reach out to you to get you started on your crowdfunding journey.

Step 1: Run a crowdfunding campaign during Small Business Saturday

The best way in which you can grow your business is by running a crowdfunding campaign with Honeycomb Credit!

Think of it this way: you already know that your business is the greatest, and because of the platform given to you on Small Business Saturday, you have the chance to tell the world about how amazing it is.

Now, what about giving those customers whose attention you’ve snagged an opportunity to get more involved with your business besides doing their holiday shopping?

By running a Honeycomb crowdfunding campaign, you give your loyal customers an opportunity to invest in your business, and give yourself the chance to raise some much-needed capital for those growth projects you have in mind!

the tasting room at Swedesboro Brewing Company, who crowdfunded with Honeycomb Credit

Swedesboro Brewing Company raised capital with Honeycomb Credit to build a taproom so their customers won’t be left out in the cold!

Crowdfunding can often come with a boatload of misconceptions - for example, some people think it’s “digital panhandling,” or that you need rich friends to be successful.

That’s simply not the case with Honeycomb Credit crowdfunded small business loans, because with them you’re paying back the amount you crowdfund to your customer-investors, and they can invest for as little as $100!

Marvin Bowe of Swedesboro Brewing Company raised $120,600 with Honeycomb to build out his brewery, and he admits that he had a bit of this same skepticism at first.

“In full transparency, I was a bit reluctant at first about the Honeycomb campaign,” he says. “My concern wasn't about the financing or even their ability to raise the capital for us. My concern was that we were asking people to invest without ever sampling our product. I quickly overcame my concerns when the process started and we found that the community was in love with the idea of having a brewery.”

The boost that Small Business Saturday generates for each year is just one of the many reasons why crowdfunding should be used to grow your business around this time. In general, it can help you unlock capital for your business, market your business, and strengthen your relationship with customers. Also, it’s a heck of a lot more fun than walking into a bank.

You can also use Small Business Saturday for some shameless self-promotion, because why not! As people are paying more attention to small businesses now more than ever, here’s your chance to tell your story. This makes it also the perfect time to run a crowdfunding campaign, because you’re already promoting your business, why not invite people into its growth while you’re doing it?

Step 2: Start building the anticipation for your business’s next step!

Through Small Business Saturday and beyond, you can use the platform to get your customers excited about what’s next for your business - and that Honeycomb Credit crowdfunding campaign is one way to really build up the energy.

You can drop teasers about this growth project in your Small Business Saturday and crowdfunding promotions. Provide samples of a product you’re looking to expand into, perhaps. Or, invite investors to have special VIP access to your new food truck when it’s open. There are many ways you can go with this, and they’ll all be so beneficial to heralding your business’s growth!

Samantha Story-Camp from Pip and Lola’s hosted a party to celebrate the grand opening of her soap shop’s new location and to thank the investors who contributed to her $96,900 Honeycomb campaign as well as the Honeycomb team who helped support her campaign’s success.

“There are not enough words to express how much I appreciate the entire team at Honeycomb. I have run an Indiegogo campaign and two KIVA campaigns already. While those three campaigns were all "successful," they were also incredibly stressful,” says Samantha. “Having the resources that Honeycomb provided (like content and excellent cheerleading) allowed me to focus my energies where they needed to be. I would recommend them to any small business anytime.”

All this being said, by building up the anticipation for your business’s growth using Small Business Saturday and your Honeycomb campaign you also can get people interested in supporting your business in the meantime! This could be a great way to attract more customers and get them engaged with and spending money at your business!

Step 3: Use your Small Business Saturday Honeycomb Crowdfunding campaign to propel your business through the winter ahead!

We saw last winter that, despite a bounce back throughout the summer thanks to weather suitable to outdoor business, the winter proved to be a tough one as social distancing became more difficult and business operations shrank. Now, as we enter into the second winter of the coronavirus pandemic, many small business owners are wondering if there’ll be another long, cold winter ahead.

However, now is not the time to give up hope! As we’ve already established, running a Honeycomb campaign during Small Business Saturday can not only help you access the capital you need to get through the winter, but it can also build up excitement around your business and its growth.

It might be hard to believe that this is actually a great time to consider growth for your business, but in some cases it can be. Maybe there’s a time-consuming project you’ve been wanting to undertake for your business, like launching a new side project or opening a new location. As the craziness of the holiday season wears down, this could be the opportune moment for you to get your ducks in a row to reach these goals.

Don’t squander your chance to make the most out of Small Business Saturday!

The date is fast approaching, which means that now is the perfect time to set up your business’s Honeycomb Credit crowdfunding campaign. Get started by filling out the form below!


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