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Investing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Every year, it becomes increasingly easier for everyday people to invest their money in items they care about - whether it be stocks and bonds, real estate, oil, or perhaps small businesses in their communities!

Read on to find out what kinds of investments are trending, and where you can possibly invest this new year!*

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Nedjelko invested in Compostable LA, who raised $60,000 to expand their compost pickup service!

Investing in Small Businesses

There are numerous ways to invest in small businesses, and even more reasons why you should consider it. While you could become an equity investor in a small business, you can also invest in one using a crowdfunding platform like Honeycomb Credit.

Investing in small businesses is one of the easiest ways you can support your local community and causes you care about, while also having the potential to make a return on your investment!

Investing that makes an Impact

Impact investing is a trend in investment that essentially means that you are looking at investing your money into projects that will make some sort of an environmental or social impact on the world, while also earning you a return. People interested in impact investing often look at clean energy, building up sustainable local food systems, or supporting minority-owned businesses.

Investing locally is one way that you can incorporate impact investing into your financial plans for 2022 and earn a return on the things you care about!

Investing in Real Estate

Investors are taking an interest in their communities and investing in local real estate development projects. Whether it’s by flipping houses themselves, becoming partners in development firms, or some other means of real estate investing, it’s becoming a major trend, as house prices increase.

However, residential dwellings don’t just make up a community! This is why it’s important to also invest in the businesses in areas that you’re interested in investing in, which you can do so in a number of ways from crowdfunding to becoming an equity investor.

2022 is the year to make some money moves

So why not make your money move into your neighborhood? Check out live campaigns across the country and in your community of small businesses hoping to grow with your investment.

*Disclaimer: this blog post is for educational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. Investing is inherently risky and investors should be prepared to lose some or all of their investment.


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