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Pittsburgh March Madness Noodle Challenge

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

March is both the month of March Madness and National Noodle Month! So we thought, why not celebrate both with some slurpin’ fun? That’s why we’ve joined forces with The Food Tasters to create the PGH March Madness Noodle Challenge!

While it's possible to never, ever venture beyond the neighborhoods of Squirrel Hill and Bloomfield for your noodle fix, there are so many more noodle restaurants spread across the 'burgh. Here are just 31 of the many Pittsburgh restaurants that make soup-er delicious noodles.

May the month of March be filled with unpho-getabble pastabilities!

Graphic reads "March Madness Noodle Challenge" and lists numbers 1 through 8

Graphic lists numbers 9 through 20 for the March Madness Noodle Challenge

Graphic lists numbers 21 through 31 for the March Madness Noodle Challenge


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