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Meet the Bookkeepers that Can Help Launch Your Honeycomb Campaign!

Alyssa Stengel and Hannah Zander - Bookkeepers who work with Honeycomb Credit

One of the biggest roadblocks we see in businesses who want to run a Honeycomb campaign is the fact that they don’t have their books in order. A small business can be as excited to launch their campaign as can be, but if they don’t have the essential financial documents on hand, they can get stuck.

To help with this, Honeycomb is offering free 30-minute consultations with two fabulous bookkeepers who specialize in small business finances. While they’re both Pennsylvania-based, their services will work for any business across the nation. Read below to meet them, and see if you might be interested in using their sources to get your Honeycomb campaign ready to go!

Alyssa Stengel - Pittsburgh, PA

Alyssa says, “Are your books a mess and you don’t feel like dealing with them? Look no further! I have helped hundreds of businesses across all spectrums set up, clean up, and maintain their books, including preparing their tax returns. You can sit back and run your business without stressing over your financial details, because I know how stressful owning a business can be. My dynamic personality will make the process easy for you.”

Hannah Zander - Philadelphia, PA

Hannah Zander has a wide array of business experience across a variety of industries, including non-profits, e-commerce, professional services, and hospitality. A seasoned project manager, she came to bookkeeping via office administration and feels that this has given her a keen 3D understanding of what makes a business "tick," and the books reflect that. A Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, she has completed project-based buildouts, subcontracted tax prep for CPAs, and worked on a long-term basis with small and medium-sized businesses to help address bookkeeping and record-keeping needs.

Having held the position of head of finance for a 501(c) non-profit for two years, Hannah has firsthand client experience working with an outside bookkeeping consultant and knows the pain points and frustrations that can frequently exist within these types of engagements. As a bookkeeper, she uses this experience to inform her communication style to mitigate these types of outcomes and ensure that clients always feel confident in the service they receive.

Getting ready for a Honeycomb campaign has never been easier

Thanks to help from bookkeepers like Alyssa and Hannah, it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to get ready to collect investments through a Honeycomb Credit loan crowdfunding campaign! Get in touch by filling out the form below.


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