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Noble Pies Opens Second Location thanks to Crowdfunding Success!

When Leslie Noble was looking to save her farm from the dismal 2008 recession, she turned to sweetness by taking up baking her grandmother’s classic pie recipes, and Noble Pies was born.

Starting from a roadside stand with a sign reading “Turn Back For Pie!” Noble Pies has grown in the past 14 years into a bustling storefront in Warwick, NY. In 2021, they ran a phenomenal Honeycomb Credit loan crowdfunding campaign to open up a new storefront in nearby Rye, and raised $91,850 from 44 investors!

“The process of working with Honeycomb was really fantastic,” says Leslie, sitting in a booth in the recently-opened new location. “It was quick, easy, personable, and it really worked out to be a great funding opportunity for us.”

“We chose Honeycomb over a traditional bank because it allowed us to reach out to different members of our community for help and get funding much faster than a bank would,” says Zachary, Leslie’s son and co-owner of Noble Pies.

“It was so much better than working with our local bank,” says Leslie, “we were able to personally interact with the Honeycomb team and reach our potential investors who continue to support us.”

“Our customers who already invested would reach out to their friends, and they’re all a part of Noble Pies now,” says Zachary. This helped Noble Pies not only reach more investors, but also helped them gain some new customers in the process!

The Noble Pies team were surprised at how many members of the community came out to support them through their Honeycomb campaign. “People were so behind what we were doing,” says Leslie. “I was flabbergasted.”

Since opening their beautiful new location in Rye, Noble Pies plans to get involved in the local community and “get more pie to more people.” Included in this is their plan to grow their national shipping through the QVC network, as well as expand their farm to include more in the shop.

Looking to bring your community to the table in growing your business?

A Honeycomb crowdfunding campaign can help you grow your business - whether that means opening a second location, purchasing new equipment, or even just getting started - all with the help of the ones who love you most - your customers! Learn more about crowdfunding a small business loan with Honeycomb by filling out the form below.


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