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Press Release: Local logistics company Amazon launches Honeycomb loan crowdfunding campaign

SEATTLE, WA & PITTSBURGH, PA - Small batch logistics company Amazon is now live on Honeycomb Credit! Owner Jeff Bezos is currently seeking $20,000 for the Seattle-based distributor, and wants his community to be involved in the nationwide expansion. Since its founding in 1994, Jeff Bezos and his upstart team have grown the business 18,000%!

To reach this next step, Amazon is partnering with Honeycomb Credit, a crowdfunding portal located in Pittsburgh. Honeycomb has helped over 175 small businesses similar to Amazon grow with investments from their community. An entrepreneur like Jeff who runs a Honeycomb campaign is able to take a loan out from their customers, friends, family, and nationwide network of Honeycomb investors. This allows them to get the capital they need, and pay back those who’ve supported them along the way.

“I was so excited for the opportunity to invest in one of my favorite Main Street small businesses,” says Alexa, a first-time investor in Jeff’s Honeycomb campaign. “The fact I was able to put just $100 into this campaign and know that it’ll make a difference for this small business was a real factor in my decision to invest in Amazon. That $100 will make a world of difference more for Amazon than it would some big, soulless, international corporation. By investing in Amazon, investing in Jeff, I can put a face to the small business I’m investing in.

“It’s no secret that the pandemic has had a negative effect on small businesses in our communities. Across the country, Mom-and-Pop shops just like Amazon are increasingly losing access to capital that they need to be able to grow,” says George Cook, CEO of Honeycomb Credit. “At Honeycomb, we’re letting customers of beloved local brands like Amazon lend directly to the small business owners they believe in.”

About Honeycomb Credit

Honeycomb Credit is a loan crowdfunding website that unlocks capital for small businesses from an unconventional and innovative source—their fans, friends, and community. By crowdfunding a small business loan, entrepreneurs create deeper relationships with their community and investors earn a return while supporting local businesses they love. Learn more about Honeycomb Credit at


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