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Roles to Hire for Your Small Business

Have you decided recently it may be time to start hiring for your small business? But, what kind of roles do you need for your team? We have some common positions for small businesses for you to check out below the headlines. 

As much as we know small business owners would love to oversee everything themselves, the reality is that there just isn’t time in the day for that to be possible! Plus, hiring people for their skill set allows you to focus on what you’re good at so you can grow your business. Here are some positions to consider hiring for when you’re ready! 

Operations Manager

This is your boots-on-the-ground person. They’re responsible for overseeing daily operations, managing resources, optimizing processes, and ensuring efficiency across various departments. This could also be known as your general manager. 

Sales and Marketing Manager

Say hello to your “people person!” This person is focused on driving sales, creating marketing strategies, building brand awareness, and managing customer relationships. This role is crucial for revenue generation and business growth. This is also a role that may be split between two people depending on your organization - some folks are better at marketing and communications and building out that strategy, and others are the best at making and closing a deal! 

Financial Manager/Accountant

This one is kind of a no-brainer. Your financial manager handles financial aspects like bookkeeping, budgeting, financial analysis, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Maintaining financial health is essential for sustainable growth. This doesn’t need to be in-house, of course - you can always hire an outside accountant, and it’d be well worth the investment! 

Customer Service Representative

Happy customer, happy life, right? Your customer support representative provides excellent customer support, handles inquiries, resolves issues, and ensures a positive customer experience. Retaining customers is as important as acquiring new ones - here’s how to keep them happy. 

Grow with the right team on your side

Hiring is a big step for small business owners - it helps you grow and gives you the freedom to focus on how to build your business into your dream. Hiring can take a bit of funding though - one thing many Honeycomb users have raised investments for has been to hire new team members! If this is something you might be interested in, fill out the form below to learn more!


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