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These small businesses love crowdfunding so much—they're back for seconds!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The bar at Valley Tavern in San Francisco with a variety of cocktail fixings

Why this San Francisco bar ran two back-to-back Honeycomb campaigns during COVID

Declan Hogan and his family have run Valley Tavern in San Francisco's Noe Valley for 17+ years.

At the start of the lockdown, Declan quickly raised $49,000 in working capital to help Valley Tavern weather the storm and received overwhelming community support!

Declan immediately launched a second Honeycomb campaign to build a kitchen in the bar and reached his maximum goal of $40,000.

Building the kitchen will give Valley Tavern more flexibility to operate, regardless of what obstacles COVID throws its way.

Sherree and Jeanne, owners of My Goodness, posing in their store

Back for seconds: $100,000 raised in 11 days

Sherree Goldstein is the owner of Square Cafe, a breakfast + lunch spot that averages 10,000 monthly customers and $2M+ annually in sales.

When Sherree launched a Honeycomb campaign in 2018 to open a grocery market called My Goodness, she never imagined reaching her maximum goal of $35,000 in just 36 hours.

And now she's back on Honeycomb for seconds: Sherree is moving Square Cafe to a larger space. So far, she's raised $100,000 in the first 11 days, and the dollars keep coming!

Keep your business strong during COVID 🌟

Want to crowdfund like Sherree and Declan? Whether you’re expanding your online store or exploring wholesale, strengthen your customer reach with lasting community buzz.

Soar into the new normal with our crowdfunded Relaunch Loans and Relief Loans, which start at 3.75% interest.

All Honeycomb loans come with the ability to forgo payments during a shutdown.


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