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How to Invest in Locally-owned, Growing, Sustainable businesses

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

EcoTone Renewables is live now on Honeycomb!

There are many eco-conscious independent businesses out there from composting companies to organic farms to sustainably sourced cosmetics companies. Honeycomb happens to have three small businesses with sustainable missions accepting investments now - let’s learn more about them!

*This article is for educational purposes and should not be considered investment advice. Investing is inherently risky and investors should be prepared to lose some or all of their initial investment.

Harvie makes an impact on the Pittsburgh food system

Harvie went to Honeycomb for their third campaign during the spring of 2023. Harvie is a startup that has found a unique way to connect consumers in the Pittsburgh market with the plethora of local food vendors through a subscription delivery service.

Not only does Harvie make a green impact by encouraging people to shop locally instead of buying food from miles and miles away, but their platform also has over 600 sustainable local producers who sell through them.

Harvie is currently raising money on Honeycomb to grow their service from their distribution center in Lawrenceville with more equipment and inventory. By the way, Harvie also sells products from a number of other Honeycomb alumni (and current campaigns) such as The Pickled Chef, Rolling Pepperoni, and Pittsburgh Juice Company.

Indian River Pioneer Farms is growing to support their local ecosystem

Indian River Pioneer Farms is a Florida-based small, organic, woman-owned farm, and they’re raising money to grow their indoor and outdoor farming production! It is a working farm, but also serves as an educational environment where people can come to learn about agriculture, environmental stewardship, and sustainable and healthy living generally.

Owner Kelly was born and raised in Indian River County and has built a career on health and wellness over the past 30 years. Now, she’s realizing her dream of running a small farm and sharing her knowledge with her community. She also wants to help support her community by offering the chance to invest in Indian River Pioneer Farms and earn a return.

Ecotone Renewables is turning food waste into fuel

Technology and sustainability come together in Ecotone Renewables, a Pittsburgh based company which takes food waste and puts it through an anaerobic digestion process. This produces a powerful liquid fertilizer, which they then sell to local farmers, home gardeners, and more.

Ecotone Renewables was started by students at Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh. Their goal is to sustainably process food waste into something that can replenish nutrient-deficient soil, solving two major environmental problems in one go. Since launching, Ecotone Renewables has grown into a fast-growing company based in Pittsburgh with thousands of dollars in recurring monthly revenue, multiple commercial and distribution partners, and an aggressive plan to heal our soil and eliminate food waste.

Now, they’re looking to purchase another anaerobic digestion machine and also invest in more marketing so they can grow - which is why they’re seeking investments on Honeycomb Credit!

Heal the environment while also supporting small businesses

Head to our live campaigns page to find them and more businesses raising money on Honeycomb Credit.


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