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Tubby’s Taste Vegan Cookies Runs the First Honeycomb Crowdfunding Campaign in Chicago!

Danielle Tubbs, founder and CEO of Tubby's Taste

We’re so excited to announce the upcoming success of Tubby’s Taste, the first-ever Honeycomb Credit campaign in Chicago! Tubby’s Taste has to date raised $44,800 from 57 investors in the community.

Owner Danielle Tubbs was working in the nonprofit sector when she decided that she wanted to do what she loves most for a living - baking. So, she began baking vegan cookies inspired by the “Jamaican cake ladies” in her family - her mother, aunt, and grandmother - out of The Hatchery, a food incubation kitchen in Chicago’s Garfield Park neighborhood.

“I live and have the pleasure to work in East Garfield Park, so to me it’s great to be able to walk to work and see my neighbors along the way, and one day hopefully employ some of my neighbors as well,” says Danielle.

Soon after launching, Tubby’s Taste began to gain fans and get quite a bit of press attention. Eater Chicago, the Chicago Sun Times, VegOut Chicago, and most recently Good Morning America have featured Danielle and her cookies.

In 2022, Danielle decided that she wanted to expand Tubby’s Taste’s capacity by automating parts of the production process, hiring a marketing team, and purchasing more equipment and inventory. She decided to run a Honeycomb campaign because it felt like a more approachable form of funding than going to a bank or seeking out angel investors.

With the automation made possible by its Honeycomb loan crowdfunding campaign, Tubby’s Taste will be able to speed up the production process and really expand its reach across the Chicagoland area. Danielle plans to partner with influencers and bring Tubby’s Taste to more industry events, and also build up their already strong corporate gifting presence.

“I think businesses popping up in neighborhoods is important. It means growth and it means opportunity. And so to have a successful business in the neighborhood continue to grow, it’s really important for the vitality of the neighborhood,” says Danielle.

Congratulations to Danielle, and we can’t wait to see Tubby’s Taste appearing in more stores soon!

The sweet taste of success

Like Danielle, are you thinking of turning your side hustle or hobby into a booming business? You can launch your sweetest dreams with the help of your community at your side when you run a Honeycomb campaign. Learn more by filling out the form below.


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