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Why You Need a Video on Your Crowdfunding Campaign Page

When you decide to run a crowdfunding campaign for your business, there are a lot of decisions you need to make when writing your campaign page. After all - it’s the first impression that many people will have of your business before they decide to contribute or invest in your business. One way that you can make your crowdfunding campaign page shine is by including a video!

Luckily, a professionally-shot campaign video is included for free when you choose to run a Honeycomb campaign - but if you need more convincing, or are looking at other options that don’t include a free video, here’s why having a video for your crowdfunding campaign is important.

A campaign video lets you show off your business - not just tell about it

Before making a decision to invest in a crowdfunding campaign, most investors want to see the business they’re supporting. While it might not be possible for them to visit your business themselves - they could be in another state, or maybe you don’t yet have a brick and mortar to visit - it is possible to show them your business’s offerings through a video.

A video is also an incredibly effective way of displaying your business to potential customers and investors. Did you know that 8 out of 10 consumers who see a video about a product make a purchase based off of it? Let’s face it - in this climate of all kinds of information being available, many people might not read your campaign page until they’re hooked in by your video - which is why your video counts!

A campaign video lets you show the face of your business (you) to investors

This is kind of going off of the previous point, but it’s so important it merits its own section. One of the reasons why investors choose to invest in small businesses on Honeycomb is because they know that their money is going to support a real person’s entrepreneurial dreams.

This is why it’s important for you to appear in your video and make your case - this is no time to be camera shy! Creating that personal connection - even if it’s just your face and voice - works wonders than just text and photos would on your campaign page.

You can use your campaign video far beyond your crowdfunding campaign!

Once you have a campaign video, it’s yours to do with as you want! We’ll use it for our own marketing purposes down the line, but you’re welcome to as well. You can chop up the video file into small segments to use in digital ad campaigns, or put up on your website.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have professional photography and videography for your business - it boosts sales, adds legitimacy to your brand, and gives you more opportunities to show off your business or products.

Some of our favorite Honeycomb campaign videos

So now that you know that having a great campaign video for your crowdfunding campaign page is important, what does a good campaign video look like? Here are some of our favorite recent campaign videos, and what we like about them.

Curly Tail Coffee

Curly Tail Coffee is a coffee roaster and shop in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. We love this video because the owner, Nicole, does a great job of explaining the mission of the business and the need for the campaign. Plus, the video is cut in with shots of cute animals, so what’s not to love about that?

Curly Tail Coffee ended up raising $138,602 from 107 investors, which they’re using to purchase a new coffee roaster, refinance high-interest debt, and purchase a new coffee trailer!

Dope Pieces Puzzle Company

Dope Pieces Puzzle Company is an Atlanta-based puzzle business that focuses on art pieces that celebrate the Black and brown diaspora. This is a great video because it showcases the gorgeous puzzles that Kris sells with her puzzles, and she does a great job of reporting the immense growth that her business has seen. Dope Pieces Puzzle Company raised $30,250 from 44 investors, which Kris is using to launch more products to meet demand.

Carter’s BBQ

Carter’s BBQ is a low-and-slow barbecue company in Cleveland, Ohio. Owner Darren Carter ran a Honeycomb campaign to purchase a food trailer so he could take his ‘cue on the road, and raised $29,700 from 68 investors. This video is great because Darren has such a dynamic personality that really comes across on the camera, and they did a great job of shooting on location at the Cleveland Browns stadium. Even though Carter’s BBQ doesn’t have a brick and mortar location, they were able to choose a location that to them represents their hometown pride.

Lights, Camera, Action

When you’re ready to launch your Honeycomb loan crowdfunding campaign, we’re here to help! We’ll connect you with a local videographer who will shoot and edit your video so that you can make your campaign page the best it can be.

To learn more about running a Honeycomb campaign, fill out the form below:


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