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#WomenOwned Alumni Spotlight: Compostable LA

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

This Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of our women-owned alumni businesses. Each one of these amazing entrepreneurs has a deep connection to their community and is committed to helping women in entrepreneurship while running a small business herself!

Monique Figueiredo is the CEO & Founder of Compostable LA, a compost pickup service in Los Angeles with a mission of environmental justice and empowering the community through regenerative agriculture.

We asked Monique, “How has being a women-owned, BIPOC-owned company shaped how you grow your business and interact with food systems?” Her answer includes eloquent thoughts on how environmental justice is at the core of her business, which serves communities affected by food insecurity and food apartheid.

Compostable LA ran a successful Honeycomb campaign, raising $60,000 from 77 investors, which went into growing her business by covering some much-needed capital costs.

“When I look at how my business has grown, I’m filled with so much pride,” says Monique. “I’m so proud of my employees and how well they’ve adapted … there were moments of imposter syndrome and moments where I wasn’t sure I should be asking for so much money, but I’m proud that we’ve been able to make something truly inspiring, to others and members of our community.”

Make an impact with your investment

Women entrepreneurs like Monique are not only making their communities brighter, but they’re making an impact on the environment and the social landscape of their neighborhoods. Unlike investing in a faraway Wall Street fund, you’re actually helping small business owners make a change in local communities.

We’re proud to support women-owned businesses that make a difference by introducing them to investors who love their communities just as much.

Learn more about how to invest in campaigns like Monique’s at


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