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#WomenOwned Alumni Spotlight: Square Cafe

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of our women-owned alumni businesses. Each one of these amazing entrepreneurs has a deep connection to their community and is committed to helping women in entrepreneurship while running a small business herself!

Sherree Goldstein has created one of Pittsburgh’s most beloved neighborhood brunch restaurants, Square Cafe, and is also a co-owner of My Goodness, a neighborhood market in Regent Square.

In 2018, My Goodness ran a successful Honeycomb campaign, raising $35,000 to fund new coolers to store fresh eggs, meat, prepared food, and ice cream! In 2020, Square Cafe ran a Honeycomb campaign to help purchase new equipment for their move to a new location in East Liberty, raising $250,000 in record time.

Not only is Sherree known for bringing more options of delicious, ethically sourced, and sustainable food to the area, but as a business owner, she works toward empowering her community and making it a more inclusive place.

We asked Sherree what women’s empowerment means to her as the owner of a neighborhood staple like Square Cafe, and she told us all about how her mission is to empower her community and her employees by giving chances to those who might otherwise struggle for employment. “My position in the world always is to come at things with a heart that allows people to get better with the opportunities they might have,” says Sherree.

“I like to be a role model and show people that you can achieve just about anything and you can change the trajectory of your life by putting your best self forward and by being honest and open and not closing off and hiding yourself but being open about who you are and walking proudly.”

Hear more about what Sherree has to say here:

Women-owned businesses grow with a mission

Female entrepreneurs like Sherree empower their communities by giving chances to those who need them and encouraging them to be proud of who they are. Not only has Sherree made Pittsburgh a more delicious place to live, but she has also made an incredible impact on the people who she’s employed.

At Honeycomb, our small businesses are community and impact-minded, and they do so much more to their neighborhoods than serving up a killer pancake. Find out more about how Honeycomb makes businesses like Square Cafe grow at


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