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#WomenOwned Alumni Spotlight: Squash the Beef

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of our women-owned alumni businesses. Each one of these amazing entrepreneurs has a deep connection to their community and is committed to helping women in entrepreneurship while running a small business herself!

Candace Maiden, co-owner of Squash the Beef Catering, a vegan catering company in Cleveland, Ohio, has been helped along the way by many other female entrepreneurs.

“Highlighting minority business, whether you’re a person of color or a woman, there are so many obstacles,” she says. “So many of us are trailblazers! There’s no history of seeing people who look like us starting these kinds of businesses. I’m so fortunate that the generation that comes after me has this carbon copy to follow … sometimes it’s ok to take a road that’s been traveled before in order for you to accomplish your goals.”

Candace and her co-owner Kurtis were able to purchase a food buggy to make their business more mobile and spread their vegan comfort food across Cleveland, thanks to their Honeycomb Credit campaign which raised $30,000 from 78 investors!

Check out more of what Candace has to say about how other women business owners have lifted her up and how she’s been able to return the favor in her success, and read more about Squash the Beef’s journey on our blog, while you’re at it.

Women business owners lift up other female entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs like Candace are so important because they lift up other women-owned businesses by doing what they do best. Investing in one women-owned business is like investing in a whole community of them. At Honeycomb, we're proud to help finance these women's dreams so they can continue supporting themselves and each other and building up their communities. Learn more about


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