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Be a local hero. Share our Loyalty Bonds with your favorite small businesses.

Refer a local business and get a free $50 Loyalty Bond when they join the program!

How it works

Baker making croissants

Pick your favorite local businesses

Fill out the form below with basic info about you and the business.

Hand on laptop

We'll take it from there

Expect to get cc'd on our email to the business introducing ourselves and the Loyalty Bonds program.

Hand doing business paperwork

Get your loyalty bond when they launch

You'll get a free $50 Loyalty Bond (est. value of $65) when the business launches!

Refer your favorite businesses!

Business Qualifications

  • At least 1 year of operating history

  • Strong social media and/or email following

  • Physical or online shop that accepts gift cards

  • No credit check or financial review

Referral Program Terms

To be eligible to receive your $50 Loyalty Bond the business must launch a Honeycomb Loyalty Bond campaign and have that campaign successfully funded to their minimum level.  Additionally, you must be at least 18 years or older, a resident of the United States, and the first person to refer a specific business to the Loyalty Bond program. Referred businesses must pass Honeycomb's due diligence process and successfully launch a campaign within 30 days of your referral. Your Loyalty Bond will be distributed along with the other Loyalty Bonds.


There are no limitations to how many businesses you can refer.  Honeycomb SMB LLC reserves the right to disqualify anyone from making referrals through this program.


If you have questions about the referral program, feel free to contact us at

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