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Refinance your Kabbage, Square Capital, or High-Interest Business Credit Card.

When Iron Born Pizza wanted to free up cash flow and get out from under the weight of their high interest merchant cash advances and credit cards, they turned to Honeycomb. By turning their best customers into investors, they engaged their community and lowered their monthly payments in less than 30 days.

Pay your neighbors, not Wall Street. 

Honeycomb Credit allows small business owners to raise community capital to refinance high-interest merchant cash advances from lenders like Kabbage and Square Capital. By leveraging your best customers, you can lower monthly payments, reduce interest, and keep money in your neighborhood.

Entrepreneurs love our platform because it allows your fans, friends, and family all to become investors in your business, turning them into lifelong champions with a vested interest in your success.

A successful Honeycomb campaign can change the trajectory of your business. Whether it's refinancing debt or securing some expansion capital to hire a new key team member or open a second location, Honeycomb keeps money in your local economy, not some mega-corporation.

Why and How to Refinance your Business Debt (or Not!)

In this video, James, one of Honeycomb's small business experts walks through the pros and cons of business refinancing options. From Merchant Cash Advances like Kabbage and Square, to business credit cards, Honeycomb can help you raise the community capital you need to refinance problematic debt. To have a link to the the video delivered to you, enter your email below.

Laptop graphic with the screen on Honeycomb webinar on Why and How to Refinance Your Business Debt

Get funded in 3 easy steps


Share your plans with us

Tell us about your business & your future plans. See what you need to apply.


Craft your story

We'll help you to build your campaign and create outreach strategies to your community.


Launch and get funded!

Work on your project & make monthly repayments to your biggest fans.

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