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Loans backed by your biggest supporters.

Honeycomb allows your fans, friends, and family to become investors in your business, turning them into lifelong champions with a vested interest in your success.

Buzz is good for business.

Honeycomb is a loan crowdfunding platform that provides businesses with access to fair loan rates while providing a return on investment for their communities.

By running a Honeycomb campaign, you can raise $15,000 to $500,000+, while reaching new customers, strengthening your brand, and building long-lasting relationships in your community.

A successful Honeycomb campaign can change the trajectory of your business.

We know you have big dreams for the future of your business. Whether it's refinancing debt, securing expansion capital to hire a new team member, or opening a second location, Honeycomb can help you fund your next level of growth.


We've helped over 100 rockstar entrepreneurs like you reach their funding goals. What's holding you back?

Successful loan campaigns are run by businesses like yours.

  • Bakeries and cafés 

  • Salons and beauty businesses

  • Hospitality and restaurants

  • Food trucks and mobile businesses

  • Gyms and fitness studios

  • Landscaping & horticulture businesses

  • Craft breweries and distilleries

Naomi Homison of Pittsburgh Juice Company needed a refrigerated van to transport her cold-pressed juice throughout the city and bought it with $38,850 loan from 67 community investors! With seven years of business under their belt, Pittsburgh Juice Company has grown to have 84 wholesale locations!

Juice up your growth

James Beard-nominated sourdough pizza restaurant Driftwood Oven was looking to expand their storefront and add an artisanal bakery to their business. Owner Neil Blazin worked with Honeycomb to crowdfund the project, raising $150,000 from 70 community investors.

James Beard approved

Business Owner Testimonials.png

Jason Ridgel is the owner of one of the few Black-owned whiskey brands in the U.S. In 2021, he was looking to expand his marketing and distribution, and raised $120,000 from 240 investors on Honeycomb! True to its name, Guidance Whiskey mentors young Black entrepreneurs to get into the spirits industry.

An invested community

Get funded in 3 easy steps

1. Share your plans with us

Tell us about your business & your future plans. See what you need to apply.

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2. Craft your story

We'll help you to build your campaign and create outreach strategies to your community.

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3. Launch and get funded

Work on your project & make monthly repayments to your biggest fans.

Let’s see if we’re a match!

Fill out this form and our team will work to determine if your business is a good fit for a Honeycomb campaign. We'll be in touch soon.

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