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Bae Bae’s Kitchen Celebrates Successful Investment Round of $100,000!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

The party has been going on at Bae Bae’s Kitchen since their successful Honeycomb investment offering in April 2022!

Owner Edward Lai has been able to create a liquor pairing menu for his popular Pittsburgh restaurant thanks to a liquor license that they funded through Honeycomb. With their investment offering, Bae Bae’s Kitchen was able to meet their maximum funding goal and break into our coveted $100K club, raising $100,000 from 57 incredible investors in his community!

“We could not have done this without the support of this community and all of Pittsburgh!” owner Edward Lai said at the success party we threw in conjunction with Yelp. At the success party, Bae Bae’s Kitchen got to showcase their new drink menu and of course their amazing food, and Yelp Elite members got to rub elbows with an equally elite crew - Honeycomb investors who love supporting Main Street small businesses.

Spreading the word about a community investment opportunity!

Edward’s success in this Honeycomb campaign was in large part due to the effort he put in on promoting the Honeycomb on his social media pages. He even took out ads on Facebook and Instagram to further his reach! When entrepreneurs like Edward work hard at their Honeycomb campaigns, they can see amazing results, like reaching their maximum goal!

If you’re hoping to start a campaign soon, Honeycomb has some really great resources for getting your social media set up and ready to promote your business’s campaign and find more investors in your customer base. Once your customers know that they can invest in your business starting at just $100 and receive a return, they’ll get excited about the investment opportunity and about your business.

Better community outreach than a bank loan - an added perk!

We are very excited about the growth of Bae Bae’s Kitchen in Pittsburgh - especially since it means more Korean fried chicken in our future! About his experience working with Honeycomb, Edward said, “This provided better community outreach than getting funding from a bank, and it’s not like other platforms like Kickstarter, where there’s no real monetary incentive for investors. You can reach out to the community while giving them a return, which was really important to me,” he said speaking to a reporter from Back of House.

Now, Bae Bae’s Kitchen plans to expand their drink menu, open up their patio for dining, and of course get their new bar up and running so that their customers can relax and enjoy the fruits of a successful investment offering

Sipping drinks and building community thanks to small business investing

If you’re in the area, you can visit Bae Bae’s Kitchen in downtown Pittsburgh and enjoy a refreshing beverage paired with delicious Korean food funded by community capital!

Are you looking to grow your small business? Learn more about Honeycomb Credit’s local business loans at and fill the form below out to receive more information!


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