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Sweet Victory: Tubby’s Taste Celebrates Crowdfunding Success at the Hatchery!

In May, some of the Honeycomb team took a trip to the Windy City to celebrate the success of our first-ever Chicago based crowdfunding campaign! Tubby’s Taste, a vegan cookie company, recently closed out a campaign that raised $55,925 from 74 local investors.

Danielle Tubbs, the founder and CEO of Tubby’s Taste, creates her cookies out of an incubator kitchen in the East Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago called The Hatchery, which has to date launched over 100 food companies. Of course it was the perfect place to invite investors to have a party celebrating Tubby’s Taste’s success! Partygoers had the opportunity to taste the cookies, mingle, and get to know the face behind the business.

“Working with Honeycomb was pretty easy, and I’m looking forward to being able to expand the business, work with distributors, expand our team, and get some machinery so it’s not just two people scooping all day long,” Danielle said to the crowd. “These cookies need to get into more hands, right?”

Congratulations to Danielle and Tubby’s Taste! We can’t wait to see these vegan cookies take over the country - maybe Pittsburgh is a great next market?

Celebrating community investments has never been sweeter

One of the best things about crowdfunding is that it’s a team effort between the business owner, the supportive Honeycomb team, and the investors in every business. So why shouldn’t we celebrate people coming together to support small businesses? If you’re already planning your success party in your head, we’re right there with you - fill out the form below to learn more about Honeycomb Credit crowdfunded small business loans.