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Funded on Honeycomb: 2nd Semester's 2nd Location

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Teachers in the U.S. spend over $450 out of pocket each year on classroom resources. That's why Monica, a schoolteacher of 25+ years, opened 2nd Semester Consignment Shop to alleviate the cash crunch.

3 years later, Monica is ready to open a second location in Greater Collinwood. However, the new location she's eyeing will require both exterior and interior renovations. This is when she finds out about Honeycomb Credit.

Before working with Honeycomb, Monica had never received any local press in Cleveland for her mission-oriented work. Once she launched her Honeycomb campaign, Monica was able to share her story on Crain's Cleveland, News 5 Cleveland, and Freshwater CLE.

Watch the rest of Monica's story below!

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