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Honeycomb 2021 Impact Report

2021 found us continuing to ride the wave of helping small businesses weather the coronavirus pandemic, connecting with new entrepreneurs in new markets, and introducing new technology to make it easier for anyone to invest in small businesses!

Creating Small Business Opportunities

In 2021, we continued our mission of creating a more vibrant, financially-empowered community by empowering Main Street businesses like Strong’s Cleaners, Square Cafe, and The Pittsburgh Juice Company.

This year, we invited some new entrepreneurs into our network of small businesses, including Darren Carter, owner of Carter’s BBQ in Cleveland. Entrepreneurs like him are so often blocked out of access to funding they need to grow by banks who only care about a bottom line. Darren puts it short and sweet when he says, “Honeycomb saw us”

Want to see a by-the-numbers account of Honeycomb’s impact in 2021?

See for yourself the difference that crowdfunding small business loans makes for entrepreneurs (and investors) in our communities.


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