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How Aurochs Brewing raised $150,000 to expand to 14 states

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Ryan and Doug, owners of Aurouchs Brewing Company, stand in their brewery

When Ryan discovered he could no longer process gluten after a serious illness, he turned to his longtime friend and lifelong celiac Doug to help him transition into a gluten-free diet.

Everything was going smoothly until it came to beer. Many options weren't fully gluten-free or tasted unlike delicious craft beers, so Ryan and Doug started brewing themselves and founded Aurochs Brewing!

With a 7,000 sq ft brewing facility, Aurochs Brewing was distributing to 100+ accounts in PA, including Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Giant Eagle.

At the start of the pandemic, Ryan and Doug decided that it was time to expand Aurochs to 14 states across the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

Ryan and Doug launched a Honeycomb crowdfunding campaign and raised $150,000 directly from their customers, fans, and community!

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