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How Games Unlimited Raised $11,085 in Loyalty Bonds in One Day!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Kylie, owner of Games Unlimited, helps a customer at the games counter

Located in Pittsburgh’s family-centric neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, Games Unlimited is a beloved community fixture that has been providing unique tabletop games and puzzles since 1978. The mission of Games Unlimited has always been to help people find games that match what they like.

After falling in love with board games, current owner Kylie Prymus started as an apprentice at Games Unlimited and officially took up the reins of the store in 2015.

Because Games Unlimited provides their expertise with in-person consultations and hands-on game demonstrations, the mandatory shutdown of local businesses had an immediate, devastating effect on Games Unlimited. Kylie was forced to make the difficult decision to furlough his employees and close up shop in hopes of waiting out the storm.

But thankfully, the Pittsburgh gaming community was there to help! Kylie got emails every day from customers asking about ways that they could support the business during the pandemic.

At this time, he also learned about Honeycomb’s Loyalty Bonds program, a new kind of gift card to support local businesses. Customers of local businesses can buy Loyalty Bonds today and earn 1.3x of the value they purchase in the form of gift cards over the next two years. The gift cards are distributed in 4 installments (one every 6 months), giving customers a tangible way to support their favorite businesses.

Kylie saw Loyalty Bonds as an exciting way to get a much-needed cash infusion and offer his loyal customers an opportunity to get great deals on their gaming future.

$11,085 Raised in One Day

Kylie sent out a single email blast to the Games Unlimited marketing list announcing the launch of his Loyalty Bonds campaign, and the community response was immediate—Games Unlimited raised $5,200 in just the first hour and a total of $11,085 in the first day!

“Loyalty Bonds were exactly what my business needed. As a business that relies heavily on customer relationships, giving my customers a way to simultaneously support us during the shutdown and get a great deal on our products is a win-win for both of us,” Kylie shared.

While customers spending one-time gift cards may cause a cash flow squeeze for reopening businesses, the cadence of Loyalty Bond gift cards maturing every 6 months will also help Games Unlimited smooth out their cash flow. What’s more, it will ensure that customers keep coming back to the shop to spend their gift cards—plus spend a little extra on games!

Shelves filled with a variety of board games at Games Unlimited in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh

Kylie is also offering additional rewards to bigger contributors, including gifting a free copy of Games Unlimited’s annual holiday microgame and hosting virtual game nights.

“We have gotten so many emails from customers since the program went live, which has further increased our ability to engage with them, a form of marketing that is critical when the storefront itself is closed.”

Kylie also found his campaign launch and his experience working with Honeycomb to be a breeze.

“Setting up the program has been incredibly easy. The team at Honeycomb just needed some basic information and put together a fantastic, professional campaign in just a few days,” Kylie explained. “Their communication has been excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company looking to help keep their revenue stream active during this difficult period.”

Ready to deepen customer relationships like Kylie?

As you’re preparing to reopen the doors of your small business, deepening your customer relationships will be essential to your success. Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds allow you to sell gift cards at a discount today and give your customers more reasons to return to your business for years to come.

Interested in joining our Loyalty Bonds marketplace? Sign up for more information and Schedule a quick 15-minute consultation with our team of small business experts!

*Honeycomb Loyalty Bonds are not Reg CF offerings.


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