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Say Hello to the New Honeycomb

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

We’re excited to share a special announcement with the Honeycomb hive today: we’ve given the Honeycomb platform a complete redesign to bring you a new and improved investing experience!

Some key updates include:

1. Theme redesign

We have updated the user interface and theme of our investment platform to better showcase the campaign information and emphasize the visual branding of the Honeycomb experience.

The site features a responsive design that allows for easy navigation and fast load times regardless of what browser or device that you use.

An example of the new theme redesign of Honeycomb Credit's interface on desktop
An example of the new theme redesign of Honeycomb Credit's interface on mobile

2. New/explore page to showcase live campaigns

On our /explore page featuring live campaigns, the redesigned widgets highlight the business, location, and key loan terms, including interest rate, funding goal, how much they’ve raised, and time left in the campaign. The /explore page also includes geographic filters that allow you to find and browse small businesses near you.

Honeycomb Credit's updated explore page with live Honeycomb campaigns

3. Redesigned campaign pages

We have redesigned the layout of campaign pages to better showcase the stories of local businesses and the entrepreneurs who built them from the ground up. Each campaign page includes a photo & video gallery, an introduction to the project, an overview of the business, background information about the owner(s), your earning potential, and necessary filings with the SEC.

What’s more, we’ve added a navigation sidebar to help you easily reach the sections that interest you.

An example of Honeycomb Credit's redesigned campaign page

Whether you are thinking about making your first investment or have been a Honeycomb investor since the very beginning, welcome to the newly revamped hive. Now, go explore the new Honeycomb platform!


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