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Team Picks: Our Favorite Hispanic-Owned Businesses for Hispanic Heritage Month!

We don’t just love raising money for small businesses at Honeycomb Credit; we also all love to frequent them as customers!

Because it’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to celebrate a few Hispanic-owned businesses across the United States, recommended by members of the Honeycomb team.

Celebrating the small businesses that liven up our communities

Hopefully no matter where you are, you’re spending Hispanic Heritage Month supporting the small businesses that make your neighborhood vibrant. What are some of your favorites? Let us know below, then we'll tell you some of our picks!

Barroco - Cleveland, OH

Honeycomb Customer Experience Manager Samantha Graf wanted to shout-out Barroco, an arepas spot in her hometown of Cleveland!

Barroco has three locations in the area, and serves up a wide array of food and drinks, not just delicious Venezuelan arepas. They pride themselves on providing “an eclectic and vibrant atmosphere that will have you and your guests thinking you are in another world.”

a plate of frijoles, plantains, avocado, and meat from Barroco in Cleveland

Casa Brasil - Pittsburgh, PA

Casa Brasil owners Keyla and Tim enjoy a meal on the restaurant's patio

Casa Brasil is a Honeycomb alum and stalwart of the Pittsburgh Latinx community! Casa Brasil was also recently written up in Eater as one of The 38 Essential Pittsburgh Restaurants.

CEO George Cook selected them as his favorite spot, and after trying their pao de queijo, we don’t blame him. Since opening Casa Brasil, owners Keyla Nogueira Cook and Tim Guthrie have made it a hub of great food, drinks, music, and dance in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Casa Brasil ran a Honeycomb campaign and raised $90,000 to get a liquor license for their restaurant, and we can’t wait to see how they continue to grow.

Chimichurri Argentinian Street Food - South Bend, IN

A tiny green-painted walkup window in the bustling East Bank neighborhood of South Bend, Chimichurri Argentinian Street Food is serving up something unique to the Midwestern city. Owners Dario and Mabel Migliaro opened the restaurant in 2018, after having moved to South Bend from Argentina in 2002.

“One of my favorite restaurants in my hometown is Chimichurri,” says content marketing specialist Calla Norman. “I may be a bit biased, because the owners are my best friend’s parents, but I’ve been able to get my family and friends hooked on their amazing empanadas and steak sandwiches.”

Empanadas from Chimichurri Argentinean Street Food in South Bend, IN

El Rincon Oaxaqueño - Pittsburgh, PA

Honeycomb Chief of Staff Topiltzin Gomez recommends El Rincon Oaxaqueño, a food truck specializing in street tacos.

“I met the business owners 3 years ago on my first day of being in Pittsburgh. They ran a Kiva campaign last month and have recently launched,” says Topiltzin.

You can often find El Rincon Oaxaqueño in the Strip District, but check their Facebook page for their location!

Tacos Chukis - Seattle, WA

Head of Marketing Sophia Fang wanted to shout-out Tacos Chukis, a Seattle-based taqueria. “It’s an immigrant-owned taqueria hidden inside a mini mall known for its al pastor tacos,” she says.

According to an article from Thrillist about Tacos Chukis, the restaurant is a secret spot that’s also everyone else’s secret spot - showing there’s a lot of love for this place!

tacos al pastor from tacos chukis in Seattle

Taco Shop - El Paso, TX

Product Intern and El Paso native Jose Flores-Gomez recommends Taco Shop. He says, “They have a great variety of tacos and are always innovating new taco options, the tacos are delicious!”

tacos from Taco Shop in El Paso Texas

Taqueria Cancun - San Francisco, CA

“Simply the absolutely, irrefutably superior burrito in the entire multiverse. This has been proven by science,” says Director of Product, Joe Lipple about Taqueria Cancún. And who are we to argue with that?

Show your hometown pride by investing in your favorite Latinx-owned businesses!

As you can tell, we’ve got a few local spots that the Honeycomb team likes to visit - but there are thousands of other Latinx-owned businesses out there that are making our cities more vibrant places. Find out how you can support them by investing in small businesses running Honeycomb crowdfunding campaigns.


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