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The 5 Best Small Business Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

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If you’re a small business owner, chances are you want to learn everything you can about what other businesses like you are doing, or have done to grow and succeed. But where can you get these kinds of stories?

Sure, you can read books, blogs, and network, but podcasts are another great option. Podcasts are the perfect accompaniment to long WFH walks, cooking, house-cleaning, working out, or just zoning out, so why not get some insight for your small business as well?

Here are five of our favorite podcasts for small businesses. Whether they’re focused on eCommerce, branding and marketing, starting your own restaurant, or simply business basics, these podcasts will inform and inspire you to bring your small business ideas to life.

The Story of a Brand

Hosted by Ramon Vela, The Story of a Brand spends each episode (sometimes spreading out to two or three episodes!) doing a deep dive into a brand. They explore the “why” of a business, which in branding is one of the most important tools, as told by Simon Sinek’s classic book, Start With Why. If you like thorough, narrative-driven content to learn by, this podcast is the one for you.

Also, the Story of a Brand featured one of our Honeycomb alums, Go Buddha, in this episode! With their Honeycomb campaign, Go Buddha raised $23,850 and expanded its brand to 16 states, and was able to open a new storefront.

Goal Digger

Goal Digger is hosted by Jenna Kutcher, and is targeted toward female entrepreneurs and those interested in building an online business. Jenna has been an entrepreneur for the past nine years, and in that time has grown into a multi-million dollar business. The podcast is engaging and tackles topics such as branding, marketing, business strategy, and finding inspiration. Goal Digger also has a number of different boot camps and educational programs available to help you master marketing, social media, and … even podcasts! (Woah, podcast inception, much?)

Opening Soon

Opening Soon is all about the challenges and opportunities of opening your own restaurant. One of their most recent episodes is titled, “How to Open a Restaurant in 30 Days” so if you’re feeling ambitious you might want to check that one out.

Opening Soon is part of Heritage Radio Network isn’t one podcast, which is a whole network of dozens of podcasts all centered around food. While their history, news, and culture podcasts are really well-done and fascinating, they also have a number of podcasts that are great resources for food industry entrepreneurs.

In The Sauce

Another Heritage Radio Network podcast, In The Sauce, is all about starting a consumer brand. If you’re looking to get your coffee, hot sauce, cocktail mixer, or whatever else you’re into company off the ground, this is a great resource!

The Small Business School

The Small Business School, hosted by Craig Staley, is a series that really dives into the basic questions of running a small business. Each week has a different guest, and they ask the age-old questions such as how to grow your customer base, how to position your business, how to do social media, and how to make it through tough times.

Learn from the best, then become one of the best

Now that you’ve listened to all these podcasts, and are good and inspired, maybe you’re ready to take the next step and grow your business! Have you considered crowdfunding? Honeycomb Credit’s crowdfunding platform allows you to access capital from your community, strengthen ties with your community, and can increase your revenue by 33%!

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