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#WomanOwned Alumni Spotlight: Pierogi Pantry

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting some of our women-owned alumni businesses. Each one of these amazing entrepreneurs has a deep connection to their community and is committed to helping women in entrepreneurship while running a small business herself!

Nikki Odongray and her wife, Jay, have been running Pierogi Pantry in Cleveland for the past four years. They make from-scratch comfort food, especially their famous pierogies! Pierogi Pantry got started in 2017 out of Central Kitchen Cleveland, a shared restaurant incubator space, and began selling at farmer’s markets.

After growing their businesses, the Odongrays have been able to purchase their own brick-and-mortar space to sell out of, but they don’t want to keep the growth to themselves. So, they’re starting a new brand called the Cleveland Bakery Collective, where they’ll give other Cleveland bakers and small businesses a retail outlet. Their Honeycomb campaign raised $37,150 to go toward this new brick-and-mortar space.

We asked Nikki why creating this collaborative market is so important to her as a woman business owner. “As part of this community of small business owners, having the opportunity to collaborate where we can,” says Nikki, “Every one of our successes is everyone’s success in creating this community.”

Honeycomb creates crowdfunding solutions for community-oriented small businesses

A small business is as strong as the community behind it, don’t you think? At Honeycomb, we’re helping small businesses work with the community that loves them to reach their goals. This is why we love small, women-owned businesses like Pierogi Pantry, which are making spaces for and lifting up other women and minority entrepreneurs.

Learn more about how Honeycomb’s crowdfunding platform works for small businesses at


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