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We're dedicated to working alongside local partners and organizations to unlock community capital and support small businesses. Let's work together to build a connected, empowered local economy for our businesses and our neighbors! 

Our Partners

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Community Programs

LIFTS Program

The Local Investment for Tomorrow’s Streetscapes (LIFTS) program helps small businesses and property owners renovate their building’s storefront by tapping into public and crowdfinanced funds.

Main Street Partner Program

Main Street organizations are at the forefront of creating vibrant and inclusive communities. The Main Street Partner program encourages nonprofit economic development organizations to connect small businesses in their area to fair growth financing. Let’s build resilient local economies together!

Community Liaison Program

We're looking for the next leaders of the #InvestLocal movement! As a Community Liaison, you'll have the opportunity to connect your town's best businesses to Honeycomb Credit and support their success. Anyone passionate about their community can apply!

Rustic Meal


Since there was no capital option like yours out there, Clark [of Pope's Kitchen] had financed his initial growth just like many other entrepreneurs do - a lot of it was on credit cards. He got to the point where he needed capital to consolidate his debt as well as for funding future growth. Traditionally, that's money that’s really, really hard to find.


We at the Kitchen are very excited about Honeycomb coming into the market because entrepreneurs like Clark now have an avenue to raise that much-needed capital.

Eric Diamond

The Central Kitchen

Ready to launch growth in your community?

If you're interested in bringing crowdfinancing to businesses that you care about in your neighborhood or town, let's chat! Schedule a call below, or email us at mainstreet@honeycombcredit.com.

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