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Honeycomb Head of Marketing Sophia Fang Wins the 2021 Young ATHENA Award

Sophia Fang, head of marketing at Honeycomb Credit, holds her Young Athena Award

We’re delighted to announce that our own Head of Marketing Sophia Fang was awarded the 2021 Young ATHENA Award!

The ATHENA Awards are an annual event hosted by the Pittsburgh Technology Council celebrating women professionals throughout the city. The Young ATHENA awards honor young professionals who show excellence in their fields, mentor other women, and help out their communities.

Sophia, on top of being an excellent brand marketer at Honeycomb Credit, creates impactful artwork and is a Board Member at Prototype PGH. She’s spearheaded the Honeycomb internship program and has been an incredible mentor to the marketing interns who’ve gone through the program.

“What I think embodies the spirit of this award is the idea of helping other heroes destined for greatness, rather than aiming to be a hero yourself,” says Sophia, evoking the mythology of the Greek goddess the award is named after. “I think that fighting for the causes you believe in is more meaningful when you include and uplift others along the way, because we matter when we make others feel like they matter.”

Congratulations, Sophia, we can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

Building brighter communities by lifting up our small businesses

We really related to that part of Sophia’s speech, about how important it is to uplift others in our own journeys, which is why we love supporting small businesses through community capital. Follow us to learn more about investing in small businesses with Honeycomb, or how you can grow your small business with crowdfunding!


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