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How to Grow Your Craft Microbrewery in 2022

Updated: May 13, 2022

The astronomical growth of the craft beer and microbrewery industry that has occurred between 2013 and today has been written about over and over again, yet there’s evidence to suggest that we’re reaching a slowdown in growth. It’s getting harder to stand out in the market, and the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 surely hasn’t helped matters, shutting many small business doors both temporarily and permanently.

Worker at Aurouchs Brewing Company puts a can on the line

Still, there is lots of optimism in the industry, and many small brewery owners are seeking to grow, perhaps including your own?

Check out these four strategies for growing your craft brewery, and how Honeycomb Credit can help you on your journey!

1. Increase your options for beer distribution

Lockdown has introduced a trend of people seeking ease in purchasing and obtaining their favorite craft beverages through delivery and pickup, and it’s likely that consumers will continue to rely on this method post-pandemic. Since before the coronavirus shutdowns began, deliveries by breweries have increased by 30.5%!

For example, when the coronavirus lockdowns began, Swedesboro Brewing Company needed to shift to expanding their canning and distribution, fast. Thanks to 64 community investors, they were able to raise over $120,000 and are on their way to selling beer across New Jersey!

By gaining a reputation for speedy, convenient delivery, creating an efficient and engaging pickup system, and getting your beer into new venues, your brewery can retain loyal customers during and after the pandemic.

2. Innovate around your flagship brand

Microbreweries are best known for their high-quality, innovative, and unique takes on beer, and often gain a following around one or several different brews in their consumer base.

Playing with these flagship brands, such as introducing seasonal and limited-edition versions, are a key way in which you can introduce variety and invite interest in your product. You can also partner with local businesses in your area to produce and market this beer. You could also host a (virtual) release party that will further cement your brand with the neighborhood.

You can also capitalize on what makes your craft brewery unique to expand to new territories.

Aurochs Brewing, a gluten-free brewery in Emsworth, Pennsylvania used their Honeycomb campaign to raise $150,000 to help them improve their distribution and expand to 14 states, making beer more available for celiacs across the country!

A selection of four Aurochs Brewing Company beers

3. Improve your on-site ambiance

When the lockdown is a distant memory and people are itching to get out of their homes, your brewery can be the perfect place for their reunion with the outside world. Back Alley Brewing Co. in the Dormont neighborhood of Pittsburgh is using Honeycomb Credit to fund not only the upfront costs of starting a brewery but also in helping to create a welcoming space for their customers when they open.

Someone holds a pint glass marked with the Back Alley Brewing logo

4. Look to your neighborhood for inspiration

One of the best aspects of running a craft brewery is your tie to the local community. Some breweries run out of old warehouses, factories, and buildings that hold great significance to the people of the neighborhood. Others base their beers and marketing off of local symbols, figureheads, and flavors to appeal to their neighbors.

Logo for Swedesboro Brewing Company's Flying Steagle Lager

For example, one of Swedesboro Brewing Company’s brews, the Flying Steagle lager, pays homage to a Swedesboro native who played for a WWII-era combination of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles

By turning to your roots, you might find that your strongest proponents are your fans right next door. One way in which you can invite your community into your brewery is by crowdfunding your next growth venture through a Honeycomb Credit campaign.

For as little as $100, your biggest fans will literally invest in your campaign, so everyone will know that your interests are clearly rooted in the community.

So, what are you waiting for?

Now, you have four clear strategies you can use when it’s time to think about growing your craft brewery this year.

Honeycomb Credit can help you along your way by crowdfunding loans from $15,000 to $500,000+, so no matter how big or small the project, you can do it with the help of us and your loyal fans in the community. Check out our page for craft brewery owners to see what we can do for you!

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