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Meet the 6 Women-Owned Chicago Businesses Shaking Up Their Funding Model

Taylor's Tacos funded their brick-and-mortar restaurant with $51,475 from local investors!

Honeycomb loves many things about Chicago, but what we might love most is how many local businesses are thriving! We’ve had the pleasure of working with six stellar women-owned businesses by unlocking their ability to take investments from their community. Not only are all of our Chicago alumni women-owned, but 5 out of 6 of them are minority-owned as well! Let’s see their stories, and learn about what’s new for Honeycomb in Chicago.

Tubby’s Taste

The first Chicago local business to work with us was Tubby’s Taste, a vegan bakery. You might have come across their cookies at the grocery store or in your workplace - they’re starting to become something of a household name after owner Danielle Tubbs was featured on Good Morning America.

Tubby’s Taste was expanding their production line in The Hatchery food and beverage incubator, and they decided to finance that growth with an investment offering from Honeycomb Credit. They finished their community raise with $55,925 invested from 74 local investors, which enabled them to purchase equipment, inventory, and invest in marketing.

Loba Pastry + Coffee

Loba Pastry + Coffee is owned by Valeria Taylor, renowned local pastry chef. Started in 2015, Loba Pastry + Coffee grew from a one-woman show to a thriving bakery that employed 8 people and had a growing baking internship program. However, the pandemic shuttered their original location.

In 2022, Valeria decided to re-open Loba Pastry + Coffee in a new location, and chose to finance part of that opening with Honeycomb Credit. Her first investment offering brought in $50,000 from 52 investors, and ran a second campaign which raised $27,900 from 31 investors.

In a recent article published by Block Club Chicago, Valeria said,

”With GoFundMe, the model is, ‘Please give me this money, I really need it. But with Honeycomb it’s, ‘Hey, do you have X amount of money you can spare? You’ll get a return on it.’ I think it’s really cool.”

Plenty Goods Cafe

Plenty Goods Cafe comes from the creator of Salad Club, Sarah Russo. Their hearty subscription salad service has grown and nearly doubled its revenue year over year - so Sarah thought it was time to expand from delivery into a brick-and-mortar cafe!

Plenty Goods Cafe, which is opening soon, will be partly a production space for Salad Club and also a place for grab-and-go items, hot food, and more in a welcoming environment that encourages healthy eating habits. 44 investors invested $61,850 for Sarah to accomplish this dream!

Taylor’s Tacos

Taylor’s Tacos is the ONLY black, woman, and LGBTQ-owned taco shop in the United States - isn’t that something? Starting as a catering business (also out of The Hatchery) offering pop-ups in lounges, bars, and other commercial spaces, Taylor’s Tacos decided that it was time to open their own brick-and-mortar restaurant on Chicago’s West Side.

Their investment offering with Honeycomb resulted in $51,475 from 58 investors! This funding is primarily going toward the build-out of the new space, but they’re also looking forward to staffing and training locals to create some jobs!

Twisted Eggroll

Another successful women-owned business to have grown out of The Hatchery, Twisted Eggroll is an artisan eggroll company owned by Nikkita Randle. Nikkita had an accomplished career in the corporate world, but decided to become a food entrepreneur so she could leave a lasting legacy. So, she began Twisted Eggroll, which grew from a booming catering business to a consumer packaged goods company.

Twisted Eggroll released a Honeycomb investment offering in order to move from The Hatchery to a new commercial kitchen space in the Southside of Chicago. They ended up receiving $31,900 from 55 investors - many of whom we’ll bet have some of their inventive eggroll flavors stocked in their freezers at home!

NWAR Studios

Not only are the women-owned businesses in Chicago working with Honeycomb opening up new spaces and growing, they’re also innovating within their industries! NWAR Studios is a boutique beauty studio that offers waxing, lash extensions, specialty facials, and more - and now they’re going to have their own sustainable line of beauty products!

NWAR Studios ended up with $25,000 from 34 investors, which will be used for laboratory services and research and development in getting this skincare line to market!

Lake County Community Foundation invests in Illinois local businesses!

While Chicago-adjacent, we also couldn’t help but announce that minority-owned businesses in Lake County (just north of the city) are going to now have an even greater chance at success getting investments on Honeycomb thanks to our partnership with the Lake County Community Foundation.

The Lake County Community Foundation is putting together a $50,000 loan participation fund to invest in minority-owned local businesses. When a minority-owned local business puts an investment offering up on Honeycomb, they not only have the chance to get funding from their community, but also get a sizable investment from the LCCF!

Chicago local businesses are growing stronger with their community’s investment

Is yours the next to join this dream team of local women-owned businesses? Learn more about Honeycomb Credit investment opportunities and fill out the form below for more information:


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