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Three Chicago Independent Businesses Changing the Windy City’s Funding Landscape!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Salad Club, a meal subscription service in Chicago raising money on Honeycomb

Chicago has a new, innovative way for local businesses to finance their growth - through community investment! Independent businesses like the three below can take out loans from an unlikely source - their most loyal customers, family, and friends. Read on to learn more about these Chicago local businesses that are growing with investments from their community!

Tubby’s Taste

Tubby’s Taste, owned by Danielle Tubbs, was the very first Honeycomb investment offering in Chicago! These delicious vegan Jamaican cake-inspired cookies are a crowd favorite, and soon Danielle realized she needed to expand and purchase automating equipment to free up her valuable time to run the business.

Tubby’s Taste ran a Honeycomb investment offering and raised $55,925 from 74 investors! This capital is going to help her automate her production and focus energy on advertising and growing the business even further.

Plenty Goods Cafe

Chicagoans know that if they’re looking for a delicious healthy option in the meal-kit sector, they can go local with the Salad Club! Well, owner Sarah Russo decided to expand her successful meal-kit into a brick and mortar restaurant, Plenty Goods Cafe.

In order to build out the restaurant, purchase equipment, get stocked up on inventory, and hire and train staff, Sarah decided to run a Honeycomb investment offering, receiving $61,850 from 44 local investors!

Loba Pastry + Coffee

Loba Pastry + Coffee, a small-batch artisanal bakery in Chicago, has been regularly featured in publications such as TimeOut and Bon Appetit! Valeria Taylor is a first-generation immigrant originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, and after years working in Chicago restaurants such as the (now closed) Blackbird, she opened her first location in 2015.

Her original bakery grew from a one-woman show into a valued community hub until it halted when their lease ended. Now, Valeria is seeking to re-open in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago! Loba Pastry + Coffee’s Honeycomb investment offering was seeking funds to build-out the new location, funding the electrical work, new oven, plumbing work, carpentry and furniture, and staffing costs as well. Valeria ended up with $50,000 from 52 investors!

These entrepreneurs are changing Chicago, one bite at a time.

How cool are these stories? And, we can’t help but be in awe of the fact that they’re all women entrepreneurs building successful businesses in a huge metropolitan area like Chicago. Are you ready to join Danielle, Sara, and Valeria in growing Chicago independent businesses? Learn more about Honeycomb Credit by filling out the form below.


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