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What Comes Next? Wrapping Up Your Crowdfunding Campaign

a menu (and a puppy) at Square Cafe in Pittsburgh

Celebrate your hard-earned crowdfunding success!!

You did it! You reached your crowdfunding goal, and now it’s time to celebrate your success.

After all, crowdfunding is an achievement, really! It’s not as simple as just going to the bank and asking for a loan - you put in the effort, and it paid off!

There are many ways you can celebrate the end of your campaign. Might we suggest a party? One of our favorite ones was put on by Honeycomb alum Iron Born Pizza, who hosted a grand opening party for their investors after opening their second location, which they crowdfunded!

If that’s not your style, a simple post on your social media is always a great idea. You want to show the world that you did it, after all! This is your chance to thank investors, show your excitement for your business’s growth, and yeah, brag a little bit for pulling it off.

Ready for more?

Did you know that businesses that crowdfund more than once are 73% more likely to succeed and surpass their next crowdfunding goal? Now that you and your customers understand and have experienced Honeycomb’s unique loan crowdfunding model, when you’re ready for your next stage in growth, we’re here for you.

Already thinking about what comes next? Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with more!

Start putting your crowdfunded capital to work

Did you know that you can start using the capital you raise on Honeycomb as soon as you hit your minimum goal? And, you can keep raising until your campaign closes!

Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves and do what you’ve been planning to do. You can start ordering that inventory, remodeling your retail space, brewing up a new batch of beer, hiring new employees.

Investors love seeing tangible results coming out of your campaign. Post some progress pics on your social media, or email them to your marketing list to show what’s already happening due to your crowdfunding campaign. Maybe you can raise even more after showing how it’s already being used to make cool stuff happen.

Honeycomb alumni grow their revenue on average 60% after running a crowdfunding campaign. This is thanks to the winning combination of unlocking capital and building strong bonds with your customer-investors. So, why not get a head start on growing your revenue and put that capital to work!

Thank your investors for contributing to your crowdfunding campaign!

Once you’ve successfully wrapped your campaign, you should definitely thank the people who made it happen - your investors! These folks are in it with you now, they want to see you succeed, and don’t you want to show your appreciation for their support?

There are many ways you can go about thanking your investors. Did we mention a party? You can also send personalized thank-you notes, craft a special video to send to your investors, send them some swag from your business, or invite them into special perks, such as a mug club or a chef’s table.

While it’s just a nice thing to do, thanking your investors can also do wonders for generating more goodwill between them and your business. They’re now your brand advocates, and treating them well can boost your relationship even more, generating more marketing value for you.

Join the buzzing network of Honeycomb Alumni who’ve crowdfunded

You didn’t know you were entering a super secret exclusive club when you decided to crowdfund, did you? Okay, maybe not that secret, but the perks of being a Honeycomb alumni are something to consider!

First of all, we love keeping tabs with our alumni! We’ll feature you in our marketing, from blog posts to videos, and show investors your progress along the way.

The Honeycomb alumni network can also help you out with collaborating with other innovative entrepreneurs in your neighborhood. Whether it’s working on a new pickle flavor together or helping each other host pop-up events, there are so many opportunities you can take advantage of, just by having run a crowdfunding campaign in common.

For example, Honeycomb alum UnBar Cafe carries products from two other Honeycomb alumni: Go Buddha and Squash The Beef! This mutual relationship allows all three businesses to collaborate and benefit from the community around them.

Start planning your next crowdfunding campaign (wink, wink)

We have to make a confession. You finished your campaign, and we already miss you!

Did you know that running a second crowdfunding campaign can increase your chance of raising more funds on the next go-around?

We’ve had several businesses run multiple campaigns to astonishing success. Sherree Goldstein, owner of Square Cafe and My Goodness, ran a Honeycomb campaign first for My Goodness, raising $35,000. Then, she ran a campaign to move her beloved Square Cafe to a new location and raised $250,000!

At this point, you’ve already done it, so you understand the process of crowdfunding a bit better, and the kind of work involved. Also, your customers are more used to the idea, and they have a better idea of the benefits of investing in your business for themselves.

Most recently, we had Tall Pines Distillery come back for a second go around, and they raised their maximum goal of $75,000 in just 5 days! You heard me, Five. Days. Since their first campaign, they had grown immensely and needed capital to expand, and add a boutique shop to the business.

“We love dealing with Honeycomb,” says Lisa Welch, co-owner of Tall Pines Distillery. “You all were so great to invest in us,” she says to investors.

The sweet rewards of crowdfunding are ready for you

The hard part is over - now it’s time to celebrate and get working on growing your business. The perks of crowdfunding don’t end once the campaign closes, now that you’ve got a network you can work with!

Haven’t run a crowdfunding campaign yet? Learn more about Honeycomb’s crowdfunded loans for small businesses, and sign up below for more information

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