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Funding that is fast, fair, and local.

Business owners who launch a Honeycomb investment offering get funding, community buy-in, and give everyone the chance to invest local.

Graphic with 12 restaurant capital projects, including opening a new restaurant or doing restaurant renovations

Set your restaurant up for success in 2023

Raise $50,000 to $500,000+ to take your restaurant to the next level of explosive growth—whether you're opening up a new restaurant concept or building out your next location.

A new recipe for growing your business.

 Honeycomb is rewriting the rulebook for funding your business by sourcing capital like you source your ingredients: locally. Launching an offering with Honeycomb elevates your brand, grows your revenue, and shines a spotlight on your success.

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Finally, Funding that Is Truly Local

Meet some of the rockstar restaurants in the Honeycomb community

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Go Buddha Meals Logo
Millie's Ice Cream Logo
Square Cafe Logo
Iron Born Pizza Logo
Casa Brasil Logo
Kiin Laos & Thai Eatery Logo
Squash the Beef Logo
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Our team likes to move fast.


Build Your Hive of Local Investors


James Beard-Nominated Chef of Driftwood Oven Crowdfunds Pizzeria

Valley Tavern 4.jpg

SF's Valley Tavern Runs 2 Crowdfunding Campaigns

HCC_Success Story_Leavened-16.jpg

Cleveland's Leavened Bakery Opens Up Shop during COVID-19

HCSS_Go Buddha-5.jpg

Go Buddha expands nationally and grows revenue by 33%

Squash the Beef.jpg

Vegan Restaurant Squash the Beef Adapts and Thrives during COVID-19


Kiin's Restaurant Rebrand Brings Lao & Food to Pittsburgh


Blue Sparrow Crowdfunds Nation's First Food Bus

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 5.06.33 PM.png

Millie's Ice Cream Crowdfunds Vintage Ice Cream Truck

My Goodness Sherree and Jeanne.jpg

Square Cafe Crowdfunds $250,000 for Restaurant Move

pete tolman.jpg

From Pop-up to Icon: Iron Born Pizza Opens Second Location

UnBar Cafe Melissa.jpg

UnBar Cafe Rehires Employees during COVID-19

Opening a Restaurant

HCSS_Go Buddha-17.jpeg

How to Start Your Restaurant in 8 Steps


How to Find Investors for Your Restaurant Concept


8 Reasons to Hire an Architect to Build Your Next Brick-and-Mortar

Leavened Compressed.jpg

How to Apply for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund


7 Common Crowdfunding Misconceptions


How to Prepare for Your First Meeting with Your Architect


Is Crowdfunding a Good Fit for My Restaurant?

Backattack Snacks Success Story-13.jpg

12 Social Media Strategies to Market Your Restaurant

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