Honeycomb Credit unlocks growth opportunities for small businesses to build vibrant, financially empowered communities.

It all started with a community bank and a juice shop.

As a sixth-generation community banker, George grew up in Western Pennsylvania and saw firsthand how the disappearance of community banks was limiting small business owners from getting the loans they needed to make their businesses thrive. In Kansas City, Ken was struggling to get capital for his juice shop, despite his finance background. George and Ken put their heads together—and Honeycomb Credit was born.

Today, we're a team of small business owners, finance nerds, bloggers, and food enthusiasts. What connects our diverse interests are a shared passion for community and a strong belief in the power of Main Street.

What We Believe

Honesty, integrity, and transparency

That's how we treat each other and our customers.

Move fast but fix things

We can act swiftly and make the right call.

We're dedicated to your business

Your small business story is a story worth telling.

Community building is a team sport

We build together with your community.

Unicorns come in all shapes and forms

We only work with the best—and the best comes from all walks of life.

Leave it better than you found it

Do good and things will turn to gold.

Meet the Team

Becca Levine

Customer Success

Dora Rankin

CLE City Manager

Lisa Sisco

Customer Success Manager

Chelsea Pepper

Director of Business Development

Chip Homer

Director of Growth

Christian Bilger

Chief Operating Officer

George Cook

CEO & Co-Founder


Chief Nap Officer


John Dubosky

PGH City Manager


Samantha Graf

Strategic Account Executive

Ken Martin


Sophia Fang

Head of Marketing

Topiltzin Gomez

Chief of Staff

We connect you with expansion loans crowdfunded from your customers and fans. Share your successes with the community, without giving up ownership.

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We're looking for empathetic go-getters with keen attention to detail to scale our next generation local crowdfunding platform.

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